Thankful for Quiet Time On the Sandbar and On the Deck – as a Family

Day 2,133

So much has gone on in the past week… highs, lows, and everything in between. There have been many moments of chaos, of tears, of laughter, of smiles, and of frustration. When I went to bed Sunday night I thought it was going to be a pretty chill week. By the time I went to bed last night it had been a pretty ridiculous one instead!

After Dominic cleaned up the wreckage of a sleepover with friends and a zombie-Gavin rose from the grave known as his bed after a post-week of scout cam slumber, we all headed out to the pontoon and got settled on our normal sandbar on the Mississippi River. Even LuLu was back to her almost puppy like self as we relaxed on the beach. We all read, relaxed, talked a little, but mainly just enjoyed each others company while relaxing.

Once we got home we each showered up and headed out to church. Becky took us out to the Greek restaurant downtown and we had a meal as a family. It was pretty chill as we are all pretty zonked, but it was a perfect opportunity to kick back and chill.

To wrap up the night we’re all out on the deck enjoying the incredible weather. Dominic and Gavin are both laying next to LuLu and joking around about some goofy game on their phones. Becky is reading a book that I’m excited to talk about more in the future and I’m here blogging and soon to be reading. We may not be all interacting, playing a game, or doing something big as a family, but we are all relaxing and enjoying quiet time as a family. Just being in the presence of each other to relax and enjoy quiet after such a wild week is exactly what I needed.

Sure, I’m usually a dude of action. Tonight I’m enjoying the opportunity to share a night of inaction with my family as we all soak in the quiet on the deck together.


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