Thankful for Leadership Wisdom from Gavin

Day 2,132

Tonight was Gavin’s last day of Scout camp. This year he was the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) for the troop which meant he was responsible for leading his fellow scouts for the week. This involved organizing who was doing what, keeping their camp clean, and making sure everyone was in the right place at the right time. He helped his troop win the Honor Troop award for being the most organized and spirited troop – woo hoo!

On our way home he was telling us about what he learned about leading and he summed it up pretty well in one sentence…

When you’re the leader it like you have to do all of the jobs, but it’s also like you’re really doing none of them.

Gavin Kreiling

Amen bud!!!! You nailed it in so many ways!

Congrats on also being elected to Order of the Arrow – super proud of you dude!!!


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