Thankful for an Opportunity to Share Wisdom from a Mentor

Day 2,135

I must not be either the best of listeners or the most trusting of other people. So many times in life others have done their best to impart wisdom only for me to disregard it until after I’d pounded my head flat on the wall they were hoping to help me avoid. Something about learning it firsthand just fits me so much better. Definitely not one of my more desirable attributes.

Once I’ve bloodied my nose I am quick to remember the advice given me in the past. While my head is pounding I immediately think back to the words of wisdom and wonder why I didn’t believe it or listen to it the first time around. At least I’ll usually learn from the misstep and trust the advice moving forward.

Today I was able to pass along one of the finer pieces of advice from a mentor. Way back they pushed me to dream bigger for myself and helped me start to take a peek at the future I could create. I struggled mightily with it at first but eventually I realized how much they helped me grow in that moment. Today that wisdom was passed on and it will likely be passed on a few more times over the next few days. Fingers crossed they are quicker studies than I!


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