Thankful for Focusing on Learning When I Have an “Off” Day

Day 2,123

Meh. That’s how I’ve felt throughout most of the day. Not bad, not dark, not sad, not frustrated. Just meh. Sometimes I have days like this.

In the past I’d let days like this pull me down. One would lead into another and then another until I was a mess. Even worse, I’d get more frustrated with myself because everyone always says how happy, positive, and upbeat I am. When having a bad day I would (& sometimes still do) struggle with the thought that I’m letting others down. As I type it I know how foolish it sounds, but it is true.

Today I’ve taken a different approach and keep asking myself what can I learn from this? Why do I feel this way? Why am I not a happy as normal? How can I act differently tomorrow to be back where I should be? It hasn’t been perfect and I still feel meh, but I feel better knowing I have a plan to work on for a better tomorrow, a better rest of the week. By pausing to use it as a learning opportunity I can grow stronger through it rather than get frustrated with myself and spiral.

Today was a meh kind of day, and that’s okay. I’ll find a way to make tomorrow a better one.


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