Thankful for Concert Memories, a Well Timed Book, and Idea Confluences

Day 2,122

During my run this morning I fired up some Strumbellas and was immediately jacked thanks to the memories of one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Each step was a little lighter and my smile a little wider as the movie reel in my brain played the show back. What an incredible time! I can still remember the feeling of the floor shaking as we all stomped our feet and clapped in unison during Wild Sun (which you can check out here – great song!).

The book I’ve been hooked on is one that I’d almost skipped. After reading the description I thought it might be well worth the time to read. As luck would have it Love + Work by Marcus Buckingham couldn’t have come at a better time. Within its pages were a handful of nuggets perfectly aligned with a couple of projects I’m currently working on.

Throughout the afternoon there was an almost ongoing confluence of ideas. Several different tasks I had today all started to line up in very interesting ways. Each seemed to refract the light just a little differently on the other ideas and brought out new perspectives I hadn’t considered. Confluences of ideas like this are spectacular when they happen, everything moves in slow motion and show the connections of so many thought processes. By the end of the day I just paused, took a deep breath, savored the moment, and said a little thanks.


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