Thankful for a Solo Hike and Taking a Page from Neil Gaiman’s Book

Day 2,120

This morning I hit the trails of Hixon Forest and got a nice hike in. There really wasn’t a plan when I entered the woods, only to hike. I made decisions on trails once I started walking and am 100% sure I took a route I’ve never taken before. The weather was perfect, the trails largely quiet, and I was enjoying each and every chill moment of it.

After getting some stuff done at home I took a page out of Neil Gaiman’s book and starting writing. Not typing like with my last book, but actually writing using a fountain pen and a notebook. I’ve written before, but writing like this felt so much better in an almost indescribable way. Taking time to think through each sentence slowed the process but improved the writing itself. After knocking out about 1,500 words and getting a great start on my next book I paused to eat. I then types up what I had and was very pleased with the results. Who knows where I take this idea, but the act of starting it felt wonderful. Writing it made the experience all the more pleasant.


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