Thankful for Quiet on the Deck

Day 2,119

Some days are just a bit more quiet than others. Ever since about 12:30 or so today it has been almost silent in our house. I’m flying solo with the pets while Becky and the boys head in other directions for the next few days. Having some time alone in the house is something that hasn’t happened for quite some time. As I think about it I’m pretty sure the last time was one of the times I was working on my book. Regardless, it’s been a while.

Today has been more of a quiet day, a rest day, giving my body a chance to recuperate a bit. Back in the woods and on the trails tomorrow if everything works out as planned. Tonight I’m wrapping my night off as I’ve spent a fair amount of time today, on our back deck. Last night we played family games for a couple of hours out here after eating dinner on the deck as a family. After Becky went to bed the boys and I stayed up a bit longer playing more games. Tomorrow I’ll likely spend much of my time at home out on the deck as well.

The time out here is so chill and peaceful. Yes, I can still hear traffic and other people. The occasional jet goes about 200 feet or so above our house as they drop for landing at the runway just north of us. The birds are chattering nonstop. I’ve got my “Hiking with Distortion” Pandora radio channel on. There is a quite a bit of noise… and yet life is so quiet back here. All is well, all is relaxed.

Ahh.. the quiet of the deck. An oasis amongst the busyness of life!


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