Thankful for a Brief View of Life Through the Eyes of an All Time Great, Kilian Jornet

Day 2,116

One of the reasons I love reading autobiography is the opportunity to see the world someone else’s eyes for a brief moment. My favorites are the ones in which the author really opens up and shares their full mindset and emotions – good, bad, and ugly. The realism they share can be profoundly insightful. So many times I only see and hear about the person through a tiny slice of media coverage. When the true greats really open up my mind is continually left spinning with just how wildly different they see the world.

The most recent book I read was another to add to the list of mind blowing insight.

Kilian Jornet is one of the all time great ultra runners, mountaineers, and sky runners. In this autobiography he shares his mindset into putting everything into attaining his goals and it left me speechless. When I talk about grit it is a very far cry from Jornet’s view. I wouldn’t trade it for an instant, but it is enlightening to learn what it takes to reach the levels of success Kilian has.

If you enjoy running, mountains, skiing, or seeing how far human physical abilities can be pushed, you’ll want to check this one out!


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