Thankful for Seeing the Finish Line AND Appreciating the Race Itself

Day 2,117

Oh my goodness!!! It is so close now I swear I can almost smell it! One of the biggest dreams on my list is just about complete. When I paused and took a moment to let the nearness of completion sink I almost had a little awesome running from my eyes. The hard work put towards this wildly important goal has almost reached its conclusion. Only a few small sprints and I’ll be there.

What’s also wild today was the very quick and sobering reminder of just how important this project has been to me and how much it has improved my life. The work put into this race has helped me so much more profoundly than I’ll likely ever fully comprehend. Such a positive impact through working through the difficult parts. It seems only fitting that the dream has helped reiterate how much adversity helps us grow as people if we allow it.

Today I’m enjoying the nearness of the finish line while remembering to appreciate the race itself.


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