Thankful for Hiking with My Early Morning Buddies and Becky Being Right… Again

Day 2,115

Last night I called an audible and opted for an early morning hike before work today. I was the first car in the parking lot and had the forest to myself, kind of.

The birds were going to town chatting it up with each other. At one point I stopped and just listened as two were very clearly talking directly to each other. One would tweet and then the other would respond. This continued for almost a dozen times and was very calming to listen to. I hope I wasn’t eavesdropping too much in their conversation!

The sun was popping up and the forest was lightening up quickly so I figured my opportunity to see deer had disappeared along with the darkness. As luck would have it I turned a corner near the top of the bluff just in time to see two of the deer I scared run down the hillside. The third realized I meant no harm and just chilled out while watching me pause to enjoy seeing her. I swear that deer have a sense to know if they are in danger and this one could tell I was just enjoying the view. I got a couple of pics and then moved on so as not to spook her.

After going back down a little, around the bend, and then back up past another look out I heard another sound. A quick look to my left showed there was another doe, this time she was watching me with what appeared to be curiosity. I guess there must not be too many of us humans up on the hill that early in the morning! After spending a quiet fraction of a moment together I got a couple of pictures and whispered a thank you to her for sharing her home with me.

Having an opportunity to hike early in the morning is something I always appreciate. The pre-dawn smell of the forest is indescribably serene, the sounds are music for the soul. As the forest slowly transitions from dark into light the constant state of change in the colors is mind blowing. What a way to start the day!

I’d also be remiss to not mention how I am thankful for Becky being right… again! Before our vacation I was agonizing over whether to bite the bullet and buy a camera or to just use my phone. She helped me see that the camera was the right choice, especially for vacations and hiking. This morning I took the camera with me and was rewarded with better pictures of my early morning hiking buddies than I’ve ever taken. Thanks Becky!!!


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