Thankful for Coffee on the Beach and an Empty Nest Preview

Day 2,113

This morning Becky and I took LuLu out on the boat for some time in the sun on the sandbar. The river was very chill as it seemed most people were thinking of heading out later in the day. The weather was perfect – sunny, 70’s, and a little breeze. Normally we head out a little later and I didn’t start drinking my coffee as early as usual so there was a new first for me… drinking coffee on the sandbar!

We both had brought other things to read and keep busy with, but we ended up spending the overwhelming majority of the time relaxing and sipping coffee while talking about nothing in particular. Talk about a perfect start to a Sunday!

While I’m very appreciative for the reason the boys weren’t home (more on that tomorrow I’m sure) I was also very thankful for the opportunity to get a little preview of empty nest life. The day when we have no kids living at home is approaching much more quickly than it feels like it should be, times like this are an excellent opportunity for Becky and I to see how we’re going to be able to cope with that tremendous change. Based on the way the weekend went I think we’re going to have a blast! I certainly am not wishing the time away – it is really nice to know we’re going to continue having excellent adventures even when the boys aren’t at home. For instance, after boating we grilled for well over an hour, enjoyed lunch, chilled, biked a few miles, did yoga, biked a few miles home, and have been chilling on the deck while looking back through old vacation pics and planning our future adventures. If that’s how all the weekends go in our future I’m ecstatic for then.


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