Thankful for Dislodging Creative Splinters and Local Hiking

Day 2,112

Last night I tossed and turned after blogging in bed. The hamster that is my brain was sprinting on its wheel and refused to slow down. There’s another creative project I’ve started working on and it was completely lodged in my brain last night. In so many ways it felt like a creative splinter lodged in my mind, stuck and while not painful, was very distracting. After an hour and change I finally fell asleep… but not before working out a couple of additional ideas.

This morning when I awoke I went to my dresser, grabbed the notebook I’ve been saving specifically for this project, and started writing my ideas from last night. There isn’t a ton written down, but it is the start of the next. In many ways the fear of starting, of writing the first words in the notebook, paralyzed my brain. The struggle last night with the creative splinter had finally reached a tipping point. Progress has now been made!

After breakfast and before a very productive rest of the day Becky and I went on a serene hike in Hixon forest, only a 15-ish minute drive from our house. The almost six mile loop we did was so green, peaceful, and chill. We got in time together, both fun and work conversations, and spent time in a beautiful forest right in our backyard. A perfect start to an awesome day!


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