Thankful for Insightful Reminders

Day 2,111

Spending time learning in a thought provoking training session is one of my favorite ways to spend time. Hearing and new ideas feed my brain at a very deep level. Exactly how much time I’ve spent in training is unknown, it would have been sweet to track my time as I did.

One thing I’ve found that adds an extra layer of depth is training which overlaps with past sessions. Sometimes I catch a thought, a phrase, or a technique which was likely pulled from a similar training. In other cases I can almost start to map the family tree from which much of the training grew from.

Quite often the idea will embed itself the first time I hear it, but will seem to go dormant after a period of time until it is jarred back into consciousness. Other times hearing a similar version of the idea in a new training will both recall the old and strength my awareness of the idea.

Today was a training full of reminders, insightful reminders, which will help guide me forward.


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