Thankful for the Ability to Work from Home

Day 2,102

Sometimes life throws a bit of a curveball that can catch me off guard. I’ve had to work from home unexpectedly for the past couple of days and was reminded of just how grateful I am to be in a career in which I can do that.

Back in the day, pre-COVID, I always thought it would be awesome to work from home. The idea of having focused time to work and the reduction in transportation time sounded pretty sweet. When the pandemic hit and forced us to change business I realized that it wasn’t quite for me. The balance is most likely a hybrid of the two, but certainly not home all the time.

Today, the opportunity to keep working through unexpected setbacks has been quite the blessing! Had this not been an option I would have had to lay low and fall behind. Had I not already had practice in doing this I wouldn’t have been nearly as productive as I was able to be.

Life is all about resilience and adaptation. When the curveball comes all you can do is adjust your swing. I’m glad I’ve had time to learn to adjust on the fly.


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