Thankful for Surreal Vacation Pictures

Day 2,103

Dominic and I were going through some of our vacation pics tonight and he hit the nail on the head.

“I’m not sure if I was just numb to it while we were there because all of it was so awesome, but seeing the pictures is crazy. It’s desktop pic after desktop pic!”

Going through these pictures has been so surreal. The landscapes in each photo take me back to seeing it and leave me speechless. The beauty we witnessed in Iceland was spectacular!

Here’s a small handful of random examples of what I’m talking about. From arctic terns dive bombing Dominic to waterfalls out of a movie to wild horses in front of a volcano to icebergs and glaciers. Wild!!!

In the valley heading towards the hidden waterfall
This is inside the national park, this horse was roaming free
The arctic terns really had it out for Dominic!
For a sense of scale, the tall castle shaped iceberg was well over 16 feet tall.


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