Thankful for Timing

Day 2,101

Timing is everything, isn’t it? Sometimes things are off by a minute and I’m left taking a deep breath and having to make a decision between reacting with frustration or a growth mindset. The timing was just a little bit off and what I wanted to have happen didn’t quite work out.

Other times the timing of something seems impeccable. I can’t help but pause and be grateful for the ways things worked out. In those moments I should also remember to pause and appreciate just how close to having poor timing it was.

Regardless of how things work out and when is neither good nor bad. It just is. It is up to me to put context to the moment, to choose how to respond to the situation, which mindset to react with.

Today I’ve been incredibly fortunate on a handful of levels, timing has worked out incredibly well. While I pause and appreciate how it worked out I’ll also spend much time thinking about how it could have gone the other way, how the other result could have happened, and how I would have responded to it.

I’m grateful for timing today – not good, not bad – but the opportunity to live in the moment in which timing was everything.


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