Thankful for a Big Heaping Pile of Gratitudes

Day 2,084

As I’ve mentioned before, COVID caused a really warped sense of time for me. In some ways it seemed to last forever and in other ways it seems like a blip that never really existed – almost like we collectively woke up from a deep sleep two years later.

In that context, getting together with friends feels kind of surreal sometimes. How long has it actually been since we last got together??? Catching up feels so good and is so easy. Slide right back into conversations like we were having pre-COVID in so easy of a way that it feels like we never had a break.

I had one of those conversations today and it was awesome.

Our house is full again , Gavin is back from vacation. Nice to have all of us under one roof again!

Had an excellent super long conversation with Mom today, was fantastic to spend time just shooting the bull.

A long walk in the woods after lunch provided an opportunity to see some baby woodchucks. Increased awareness also brought a new focus on the wide diversity of tree species we have nearby.

Learning to look within rather than outside – what a splendid reminder of that today!

One of my four annual trips to see Al to store our boat trailer today. Wonderful time with him talking about hiking, camping, being outside, raising kids, and marriage. I am so grateful our paths crossed in life. Too bad Dad never had an opportunity to meet him, they would’ve had much to talk about.


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