Thankful for Music and River Therapy

Day 2,083

Good week, very busy week. Tired, a bit sore down, and not well rested mixed with long task lists weren’t a great combo this week. Good stuff, just a busy one.

With a 90 minute drive home I really needed to decompress. Rather than loading up my audiobook I opted for some music therapy. I set my iPhone to Shuffle and proceeded to listen to a wildly eclectic mix of tunes. My mind was chill, my focus on the present, and it was a wonderful transition into the weekend.

After supper Becky and I went out on the pontoon. We chilled on the beach while LuLu swam and then took in a very chillaxed boat ride. So much outside time without many other people, a marvelous opportunity to enjoy seeing the island forests. Ahh…. River therapy at its finest!


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