Thankful for Opportunities to Experience a Sense of Awe and Wonder

Day 2,052

Last night there was alone of storms north and west of us. They were throwing off more lightning than I’ve ever seen at once. The sky seemed to never go fully dark, there was burst after burst after burst of lighting. After consulting the radar the boys and I loaded up into the car and headed out to Nelson Park, a park at the end of the island from which you can see across Lake Onalaska to the Minnesota bluffs. The light show was amazing!!!

When the storm line was threatening to come closer than we were comfortable with we loaded back up and went home. The boys went inside and I sat out on the deck and soaked it all in. The changing pressure, the wind switching directions, the drop in temperature, and, of course, the lightning. When the rain finally started to fall I went back inside and of of to bed.

What I appreciated the most I was the presence centering focus brought about by the senses of awe and wonder. There was no stress, no desire, no thoughts of the past or present. There was only the focus on being in that moment and soaking up all of the awesomeness around me. The boys were equally as enthralled which only added to my joy. Such a spectacular showing of the power of nature and a profound reminder that presence and joy can be found so much more easily in moments of awe and wonder.


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