Thankful for an Awesomely Exhausting Day Resulting In Being Too Tired for a Long Blog & Remembering the Intent Behind This Journey

Day 2,053

Today was a work day, right? How in the world did I pack so much in? Wowza!

The day started with an awesome early morning bike with Becky before work – which could, should, and probably will be it’s own blog post in the near future.

My work day was jammed with a couple of planned meetings and an outstanding bonus one. Throw in more than a few times when I felt I was living into my “why” and it was fantastic.

After supper we got the pontoon out on the water for the summer, always one of the best nights of the summer. The entire family took part and enjoyed more outdoors time.

Finishing wrapping up the prep for the next few days of work, play a game with Gavin, and now crash in bed exhausted.

I’m still not quite sure I packed in this much life today, it was amazing! Still a ton to get done over the next few days and a handful of follow ups, but definitely a successful day by any measure.

Type a long blog? Not tonight, I’m exhausted from living – in a very positive way!

It also reminded me of the intent behind my blog, to help me live a more joyful life. Throughout the day I was constantly present and appreciative of so many of these moments. That’s what this was all intended to be about, living a more joyful life and closing the gap.


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