Thankful for Breaking the Rust Loose with a Early Morning Trail Run / Hike

Day 2,051

My legs were exceedingly stiff this morning when I rolled out of bed. Running the half had taken a bit of a toll, getting older definitely messes with recovery. What to do with stiff and tired legs? I opted for the nontraditional therapy, I got moving and got in a nice little trail run / hike combo early in the morning.

The first mile was pretty brutal and resulted in some extra stretching on the trail as well as a little bit of swearing. By the second mile the rust had started to break loose and it felt good on the downhills. My third mile found me feeling good enough to run up most of the uphills. The pace was fairly horrific, but it still felt good to get the miles in. One of those feeling the gains through the discomfort type of runs (and when I say “run” this was truly a mash up of jogging and fast hiking).

As was the case last week I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the woods to kick off the morning. Life is so much more calm and easy to manage after getting some time in the forest. Throw in a cacophony of birds and spotting over half a dozen deer and it was pretty amazing. The scents of spring were really kicking in and my nose enjoyed each breath. Ahh…

While I’m going to take the morning off tomorrow to hit the road to work early, I’m certainly looking forward to getting back out for another run on Wednesday morning. Starting off the day with motion always feels fantastic.


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