Thankful for Coffee and Sunshine on the Drive Home

Day 2,045

Sometimes the easiest and most obvious appreciation is best 🙂

My drive into Eau Claire today was very gloomy, damp, & dreary. Not exactly the type of ride that gets me all amped up and ready to take on the day. Thank goodness for COFFEE!!! Sipping away from my Yeti mug while driving through the gray helped spark some life on the road this morning.

My drive home was pretty amazing – the sun was out! Even though I was just in Jamaica a short time ago it feels like I haven’t seen the sun since. Spending the entire drive home in the sun and with the moon roof open was awesome. Nothing like the sun and the feel of it on my face on the drive to wrap up a day of work.

Coffee and sunshine on the drive home… life is good!


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