Thankful for an Eclectic Mix of Semi-Random Gratitudes

Day 2,046

Hmm… Many different options and ideas for today’s blog. Not sure any of them are specifically ready to hatch, but who knows, this is sometimes where the fun happens!

First off, I’ve had many memories in mind of a past vacation out to the Pacific coast in Washington. The beach there was epic, one of my top 10 favorite beaches. The landscape was unlike anything I’d ever seen in real life (and then we saw something similar in Cathedral Cove, NZ). So beautiful, one of my happy places for sure.

Having the opportunity to spend time with a thought leader can be very enlightening on so many levels. Even if I’ve heard the story before I’m always appreciative of an opportunity to learn from Marlene Chism. She did an excellent job of sharing the concepts from her new book on a webinar for pretty sizable number of our clients today. One of the reasons I love Marlene so much is her openness and candor, there is so much to learn from her.

Digging deeper into strengths and how to best work with my teammates has been top of mind all year. As I review some interesting next steps I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to read, learn, and review past experiences to apply to the teammates of today. I’m blessed to be surrounded by some incredible people each day, I’m excited to see them continue their growth.

Throw in an awesomely peaceful morning run, the promise of a hike early tomorrow morning, a dinner outside, and an evening with moments shared with each of my family and it’s been a stellar day all around. So much to be thankful for!


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