Thankful for Right Learning at the Right Time, Recording Band Concerts

Day 2,044

I’ve often mentioned how interesting the timing of so many things in life are. It seems as if I almost can’t help but accidentally stumble into a right answer, sometimes even before I knew I was asking a question! Through a bit of research on a different topic I happened across a book and the code it contained with an online strength and leadership assessment. As I was digging into retention and engagement I found this little treat which really opened up a new path for me. Within a short period of time I was knees deep into a treasure trove of information which will help me out in multiple directions.

One of the reasons I have a passion for learning is the opportunity it may provide in the future. I never know when a nugget of knowledge from a past lesson may come back to help me out in a future moment. When it does I’m so pumped and grateful for it. Even if I don’t utilize a new lesson right away in the moment I know it is floating around somewhere in my gray matter ready to be grabbed when the timing is right.

Yesterday I missed Dominic’s band concert because I was in Madison for Gavin’s soccer game. Thanks to Becky I was still able to enjoy the concert on TV tonight. Dominic and I loaded it up on the living room TV and watched it together. It was pretty sweet having him right there to point out the things I should be watching for and listening to. Not only did I get to watch and hear the concert, but I also got the behind the scenes version which was awesome! I really appreciate Becky recording the concert for me to watch.


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