Thankful for Reading About Forests and Being Outdoors

Day 2,043

It feels more appropriate to hand write today’s blog first rather than type it. Going along with the peacefulness of the woods, the sound of pen on paper and the lack of a screen felt much better. My handwriting is still slow and sloppy, but it is much more in harmony with today’s blog.

Inspired by the book I read yesterday I loaded up an excellent next read from the same vein – Forest Bathing by Dr. Qing Li. This book gets into research conducted on why we see so many benefits from spending time outdoors. Dr Li cites several studies showing the medical, mental, and emotional benefits of being outside. One point in particular I found to be very interesting was showing how the emerald ash borer has played an unexpected role in the deaths of over 1,500 people in the US. Crazy!

As I read I see over and over again the reasons I enjoy spending time outside in the woods. Each sentence fuels my desire to get outside and spend ever more time away from screens and indoor lighting. I haven’t found a way to be outside more during the work day so I know it won’t be as long as I would like… yet. 😉

This morning Becky and I had the opportunity to run the majority of our twelve mile run through the marsh. We were surrounded by so many different types of birds, all of which were talking to us almost constantly. There were frogs chattering away in the background while rabbits and red squirrels ran on the trail ahead of us. The trees were starting to bud out and we saw a couple of flowers. All throughout the bluffs loomed in the background with mist slowly rising from them. So much green, so much nonhuman life, and almost no sounds other than those created by nature. Perfect!!!

Reading about being in the woods and then being in the outdoors… What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!


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