Thankful for an Excellent Book About One of My Favorite Topics, Forests!

Day 2,042

With a schedule change due to weather the majority of the day was spent at home. Throw in a sore heel and I wasn’t up for too much moving around. This meant some couch time so I reached for an awesome book I’d recently ordered.

A couple of weeks ago Becky sent me a text about this book:

As soon as I read the details I knew she was right (as usual 😉). The book arrived while we were gone and I just got it on Thursday. With the bonus quiet time today I was able to read the entire book and it was more insightful than expected.

Long story short (because I need to get to sleep so I’m ready to run tomorrow) the entire book increased my passion for spending time outdoors and helped me better understand some of the reasons why. Throw in some wild facts and recent research and I was like a kid in a candy-shop.

Bring on the non-soccer weekends, I’m ready for some camping!


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