Thankful for the Process of Daily Blogging

Day 2,026

So many directions to potentially go for the blog tonight, which one is the right path? My mind is racing back and forth across all of the happenings of the day and I’m smiling as I think through it all.

From waking from a happy dream to getting a on early bike ride in. A delicious hot homemade breakfast. Focused time in the morning to finish a task. Reading a book with a well timed insight. The excitement of potentially adding a new teammate. Helping someone through a difficult time when they’ve done the same for me. Seeing Dominic shadow a teammate for the afternoon at work. Gavin working solo outside. Getting closer to wrapping up a difficult situation. Moving a step closer to my long term goals. A text string with a new friend. Knocking out a long task list. Putting more thought into an important project which never seems urgent. Sharing a heart felt compliment in the moment. Almost talking Becky into moving to Hilo, HI… almost 😉. Seeing a teammate grow and find their stride. Remembering the challenges others face in other roles. Talking with a friend. Grilling delicious steak. A nice conversation with Mom. Sitting in the living room as a family exhausted from the day. Catching up with Becky. Blogging in bed. And that’s just what comes to mind, there’s sure to be more as I wrap up this blog.

What I’m grateful for today is the process of daily blogging. In the past 10-15 minutes I’ve had the unique opportunity to review much of my day, remember the highlights as well as the difficult times, find meaning in the all, and then file away in the form of memories and lessons. This process embeds more of those moments into my brain more deeply and help me find purpose.


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