Thankful for Taking a Page Out of the Old Man’s Playbook & Legacy

Day 2,027

Funny how some of the little actions we take somehow grow legs and echo through eternity. In the moment we feel like a small action could be seen as almost insignificant, so minor that we question whether or not to make it a reality. When we do we find that it was far from significant, so much so that the action takes legs of its own and continues through others. That’s when it becomes our legacy, after others continue to take the same action. The funny thing is that often we won’t even know the legacy we’ve created until after we’ve passed. Future generations will live it and we may not even know it.

The reason for that thought today was something that Dad passed on to me. The action itself isn’t relevant, maybe another day I’ll open up more. Long story short there were times when he was smiling bigger than normal. When I asked him why he’d share what he’d done and we’d both be smiling. His actions would brighten lives in a couple of different ways, ways we heard more about after he’d passed away.

Today I was compelled to do what he’d shown me. In the last two months I’ve often talked with my teams about what he did as a way to help us grow and shape our culture. This morning was an opportunity for me to do the right thing, to take a page out of Dad’s playbook, and it was awesome!

When Dad took action I’m sure the last thing on his mind was creating his legacy, he just did it because he felt it was the right thing to do. When I did it I did it because it was the right thing to do AND I was inspired by Dad’s actions. After it was done I realized that in that moment, in that action, Dad’s legacy was alive and well. To be a steward of it has left me smiling all day.


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