Day 2,008 – Thankful for Becky’s Positive Influence (Again) and Finishing a Simple Project

Life is better when you live with someone who is a positive influence in your life. Becky singlehandedly got the rest of our family pumped and engaged in a little community service project we otherwise wouldn’t have done. It was very eye opening on several levels while also making a huge difference in something we love about where we live. By the time we were done we had an awesome sense of accomplishment. Special kudos to Becky and Gavin for all the extra time they put in. Again, life is so enriched when you are surrounded by people who make a positive influence on you. I’m thankful for her influence today and all the many times she helps me live more closely into who I should be.

I also had fun wrapping up a project today. In so many ways my career lends itself to a lack of a sense of completion. There are always more jobs to fill, more candidates to find work for, more coaching to work on, more projects to take on. We’ve even tabbed it “completion deprivation.” One of the reasons I love woodworking is the sense of completion when the project is done. Today I totally soaked in that moment and enjoyed the sensation.


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