Day 2,007 – Thankful for Taking the Opportunity to Grocery Shop Early, Embracing the Suck, and Homemade Pizza Night

I know, this sounds crazy, but I appreciate hitting the grocery store by 8:30am on a Saturday. So many less people, the shelves are completely stocked. An early-ish shopping time like this is fantastic. One less thing to do tomorrow too! With all the stuff the boys have going on we’ll take advantage of it when we can.

Our half marathon training plan said today was a break from long distance in favor of a 5k. Should be a blast, right? 3.1 miles instead of 8? Done! Except when your first half includes running into 20+ mph headwinds. I don’t know that breathing while running has been that difficult for a reason outside of physical exertion. The wind was constantly shoving itself down my throat as I struggled to breathe. It sucked. That said, once I got my head in the right place it felt good to gut out a crappy feeling run like. Those are the ones that test my resolve and grit. Today I won (actually Becky won, but I beat the suck).

Homemade pizzas after church on a Saturday night just feel right. They can be a it of a pain, but well worth every pokey moment of it. An opportunity to create, experiment, and complete something while making something delicious and doing something for my family. They do so much other stuff for all of us, feels good to do something for them that they enjoy too. Throw in some bonus kitchen time with Gavin and it was a wonderful experience.


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