Day 2,004 – Thankful for Reframing / Blue Car Syndrome and an After Supper Walk

Isn’t it wild how many more blue cars there are on the road right after you’ve bought a blue car? As soon as we start to focus on one thing we can start to see it everywhere. Once you start seeing it you really can’t unsee it.

After giving my blog post from yesterday time to ferment it seemed as if everything I did today was re-framed through the less of Essentialism. In each activity I caught myself wondering if each task truly brought value to the purpose I am working towards. With the freshness of that lens I was able to quickly start cutting away some of the unnecessary to focus on the essential.

Same type of day at work as I’ve had over the past couple of months, nothing truly different other than the reframed perspective, the essentialism version of blue car syndrome. And it made all the difference today!

I am also very thankful for our after supper walk tonight. Walking after supper means we have enough day light late enough to do it. It meant that Becky and I were both home and able to spend a little extra time together. Getting bonus outdoor time is always a win, especially on days when the running was done on a treadmill. The post supper walk is something I look forward to getting back into as the daylight lingers longer each day.


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