Day 2,005 – Thankful for Stopping for Tourist Photos On the Ride to Work, Deep Work, Rolling with It, and Listening

I’ve made this drive at least a thousand times and there are still moments when it seems to be the first time all over again. This morning I pulled over like a tourist to take photos of something I don’t remember ever seeing on this ride. Patches of snow covered branches amongst the bluffs in the state park we regularly hike in.

The intense focus on a single project is incredible. Closing down email, putting the phone on Do Not Disturb, closing the door, and rolling up the sleeves for a single task frees the mind in so many ways. The intensity of the sense of purpose if off the charts once I can tunnel vision on the one project. Time stops moving and everything moves so fluidly, what an awesome experience!

Plans don’t always go as intended. Something shifts, there’s an unexpected twist, or the curveball slices through the air more than expected. All we can do is roll with it. Over the past week I’ve had this happen a handful of times and I’ve had to adjust. No worries, find the new right path, make the shift, and keep on rolling. The knowledge of how flexible one can be can lead to the confidence necessary to adjust in even the most difficult situations.

The power of listening. It is so easy to just hear the sounds of the words themselves rather than deeply listening to to what they are truly saying. When focusing on deep listening my brain sees different connections and help me better determine how best to proceed. I must remember to keep working on this and improving upon this skill.


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