Day 2,003 – Thankful for Reminders of Essentialism

Nice and easy blog post tonight 🙂

I had an excellent reminder of the importance of Essentialism today. Even though I attempt to focus on clarity and purpose it is so easy for me to add more and more and more to the pile of tasks without seeming to notice. In some ways it feels as if the gravitational pull of my current lifestyle draws towards adding more and more rather than focusing on the essential few things to be focused on.

While each individual added task, responsibility, or focus may be relatively minor the effect compounds exponentially. The added task may be as light as a feather but the additional feel from all the other obligations causes it to be as heavy as a cannonball. The additional actions all increase by a multiplying effect.

Tomorrow I will work on culling the herd and knocking out some of the additional clutter which has impeded the path. Today I’m grateful for the timely reminder of essentialism.


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