Day 2,002 – Thankful for Slightly Out of Sync Days, an Exhausted Dominic, and Random Acts of Kindness Involving Chik-fil-A Sauce

Another relatively short one, bed time for this guy. I will take all the extra sleep I can tonight, I’ve got a long week ahead!

Most mornings Becky and I have a very choreographed routine as we go from morning run to heading out for work. We know each other’s routine and have found ways to gracefully glide from one task to the next while leaving plenty of space and room for the other. This morning? One of the few times when we’re as uncoordinated as me in middle school sports. Bumping into each other, near misses with cabinet doors, all the timing was off for both of us. Nothing serious or crazy, we still RL it to work on time, but just enough to remind me to be grateful for all the other times when we’re in lockstep with each other.

Dominic was completely exhausted when he got home from practice. He was in bed before we were! I’m smiling thinking about it because he’s worn out from his New Orleans trip. His tiredness is a testament to how much fun he had and I’m grateful for that.

Out of the blue my teammate Grant hooked me up with a bottle of Chik-fil-A sauce at work today! How awesome is that? We put it to good use already tonight on some venison brats. Delicious!!! Thanks Grant!!


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