Day 2,001 – Thankful for Gavin’s Emcee Gig as SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) & Leveling Up

Gavin had a double whammy at Scouts this afternoon. As the SPL, Senior Patrol Leader, he’s the emcee for the Court of Honor, the meeting in which Scouts receive their new ranks and merit badges. This meant that he was the scout in charge and up in front of the group the entire time.

Seeing him present to a large group and do a little public speaking makes me very happy. Experiences like this really help us get past the nervousness and fear of presenting to a group, I’m glad he has the opportunity to grow like this.

It was also a lot of fun seeing him move just a little to our right to collect his Star badge. He’s put in a ton of hard work and only has a couple of ranks to go, Life and Eagle. Super proud of his progress.

There was one point in which he called Dominic up for an award, talk about an awesome moment! So proud of both of their experiences!


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