Day 2,000 – Thankful for an Awesome Copilot, Time at Mom’s, and Dominic’s Adventure

LOL – I remember the first time I hit a “big” number blog post I wanted to make it even more special than normal. After 2,365 times I’ve gotten over that. Each day I’m alive should be seen as it’s own milestone.

Definitely going to be short on details, I’m exhausted and ready for bed. Here’s the short version, concise, if you will.

LuLu made the trip with me up to Mom’s today and was an awesome travel companion. She let me listen to my audiobook as long as I occasionally rubbed her belly.

What a great day at Mom’s! Two walks, outside time, great food, excellent conversation, and total chill. Was so nice catching up, relaxing, and hanging out. So glad we were able to reschedule our planned time together from last weekend so quickly. I had an awesome time 😁

Over the last handful of days I’ve received updates from Dominic on his New Orleans trip for band. Hearing about his adventure has me smiling often, so glad he had the opportunity to go on this adventure!


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