Day 1,999 – Thankful for a “Wow, Did That All Really Happen Today?“ Kind of Day

No wonder I’m feeling exhausted as I am now laying in bed! One of my normal blogging routines is to walk through the day step by step to consider all I’m grateful for. I’m a little shocked at just how much happened since I woke up this morning. Here’s a taste of the list:

  • Morning run with the smell of rain in the air
  • Driving Gavin to school for a change
  • Getting text updates throughout the day from Dominic on his NOLA adventure
  • Presenting my upcoming talk to someone for the very first time
  • Receiving thoughtful feedback and wonderful ideas from a trusted friend and advisor
  • Seeing teammates continue to grow
  • Taking an opportunity to tag in and help some teammates
  • Seeing the stitches on the curveball as it left the pitcher’s hand
  • Experiencing firsthand the benefits of making friend me before you need them
  • Helping to connect friends for their mutual benefit
  • Living some of the difficult moments my teammates regularly work through
  • Seeing a great idea one to fruition
  • Decompressing with Becky after we’ve both had ridiculously busy days
  • Spending time with friends at a bar and enjoying excellent conversation
  • Having the guts to order my first official mocktail
  • Watching a little Seinfeld with Becky & Gavin while snuggling with LuLu
  • Knocking out a few games with Gavin before bed
  • Laying in bed exhausted, satisfied, and feeling a strong sense of purpose and joy

What a day it’s been!


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