Day 1,972 – Thankful for Dominic’s State Snowboarding Competition, Sun in the Cold Weather, and Bonus Couch Time

Dominic competed in the Wisconsin high school state tournament today in La Crosse and did a very good job. It’s always fun watching him compete, being able to see him in an event like this with three different events was pretty awesome. The improvement he made year over year was obvious, he was pretty happy with his growth. Most importantly, Dominic was smiling the entire time.

The temperature was a bit on the chilly side, but the sun was out the entire time… and it felt amazing! Funny how clear blue skies and sunshine can warm me up in almost any weather. Sure, tomorrow’s temperature should be absolutely gorgeous for this time of year, but it actually felt pretty dang good to get some sun today. Had we not had Dominic’s competition I might have stayed inside much of the day, I’m glad I had a reason to get outside today.

Now that we’re all wore out and chilled (pun totally intended) we’re just chilling on the couches. We busted out Dominic’s videos from today and Becky just fired up some popcorn. No screens are on other than my laptop right now, though we’ll most likely fire up a movie to all slowly drift off to sleep watching. Who knows, maybe we’ll end just talking until we all crash. Either way it’s pretty sweet wrapping up a busy and full day on the couches as a family, shooting the bull, catching up, and enjoying each other’s company. Bonus family time, always one of my favorites.


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