Day 1,971 – Thankful for Grappling with Control

There are sometimes when I just need to stand back and chuckle. Throughout the day there were a handful of moments in which I could sense my blood pressure rising a little bit. Something would happen which was totally out of my control. In nanoseconds I felt frustration building a bit and shortly there after I would almost have to laugh at myself. My brain would quickly realize that I had no control over the situation which I was grappling to take control of, but I had complete control over my response to the situation which I was letting run rampant with emotion rather than logic. How ridiculous!!!

What made it all the more crazy was the fact that the bigger the issue the more controlled I was while the smaller the issue the more I was letting emotion take control of the wheel. For instance, when my niece’s game was cancelled after we’d driven 75% of the way through crazy wind, snow, and ice I laughed it off and quickly let it go. Something infinitely smaller and less important – I got all bent out of shape and worked up. Again, how ridiculous!

While of course I’d like to have each day go perfectly smooth and without issue, days like today are where some of the most growth happen. I had several opportunities to grapple with my lack of control over events while also remembering to choose the correct response in knowing what I had control over. The Big Teacher Upstairs obviously saw the gap was a little too wide for me today and decided it was time for some lessons. I may have not done my best on the pop quizzes today, but I have learned many lessons which will help me out in my next round of exams. Not a perfect day of responses from me, but it was a wonderful day of practice, reflection, and growth.


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