Day 1,941 – Thankful for Pausing to Think, Bookshelves, Purpose, and Travel Memories of Food

Looks like I’m going in a few different directions for today’s blog. Even as I’m mentally compiling my list of appreciation my brain is probably missing a few things I’d tagged earlier in the day. Maybe they’ll come back, maybe they won’t. What’s fun about this is that knowing that I’ve spend time being thankful for those moments earlier in the day I can know I’ve been focused on gratitude more often than just this one moment of the day.

In between a few Zoom meetings I had a short break in the action. Reflexively I reached for my task list and my email. Before my hand got there I realized I could really use time to pause and think. There was a lot of information and I hadn’t really had time to reflect on it, I hadn’t truly digested it yet. Rather than dive back in I closed my laptop, rolled my chair back, and closed my eyes. I wasn’t tired in the slightest, the closing of my eyes allowed me to focus my thought, to slow down the train hurtling down the tracks. Focusing my thoughts I was able to see how what I’d just learned could be applied to other situation. I could see the right next steps more clearly. I then opened my eyes and jotted down notes to myself and added the appropriate tasks and appointments to my calendar. Had I not taken time to pause and really let the knowledge sink in it would so easily have been lost.

Later in the afternoon I could sense that there was a resource that could help me as I put a few other things together. I turned my chair and stared down the two bookshelves in my office. Without a clue of what I was specifically looking for I soaked up all the dozens of titles printed on the spines of books I’ve read. Yes, I found the answer I was looking for eventually (Tribal Leadership), but I also found something else. I’m extremely grateful for my full bookshelves (& my 200+ book Audible library). Each of them provided insight, wisdom, best practices, and thought provoking exercises. Some are more memorable than others, but each of them helped me learn and grow. Those bookshelves have been some of the best investments I have made in my professional life.

Throughout the workday I kept feeling a strong sense of living my purpose. I can’t really clarify it more at the moment, my mind is getting too close to bed, but it was a feeling like I was in the right place doing the right things. That sensation is powerfully rewarding, I appreciate it as it helps motivate me to do more work along those same lines. In a way it was like the universe was reminding me that I’m exactly where I should be – while hinting at how to grow it to the next stage as well.

Last, there were a couple of times today when I was reminded of trips to New Orleans. If you weren’t reading with me when I went on those trips here’s my short synopsis. New Orleans – not really my kind of place… other than the food! The food is soooooooooooo delicious there! Specifically, look at this plate of awesomeness:

Eggs Cochon: Slow-cooked, apple-braised pork debris served over a buttermilk biscuit, topped with two poached eggs, finished with hollandaise

Talk about one of the all time great breakfast plates I’ve ever consumed. Still blows my mind a few years later. I’m very grateful for memories I can still taste so clearly.


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