Day 1,940 – Thankful for Intentionally Reading More Books

With some of the changes I’ve made for the year I’m finding more and more positive returns on my investment of intentionality. One in particular has been how much more reading I’ve already done this year than in most years.

I just finished reading a favorite classic, The Godfather, and have now moved on to The Godfather Returns. The other fiction on my dresser to fire up afterwards is Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. I’ve also got a small handful of business related books and a few philosophy books to cruise back through as well.

In reading before bed each night for a short time I’m reminded how much better I sleep than if I were mindlessly watching TV or doing something on a screen. My mind relaxes so much more. The amber glow of my reading light cues the sleepy time pattern for my brain and I fall asleep so much more quickly.

When I focus my mind towards my goals I’m reminded of what Stephen King once wrote about always carrying a book with him rather than pulling out his cellphone. My brain is stimulated in such a more productive way with a book. I’m glad I’m making more time to do so.


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