Day 1,942 – Thankful for Speeding Up AND Slowing Down

Dad always used to say that time kept moving faster each day that goes by. As a kid I remember the summer break from school lasting an eternity, now it is but the pop of a flashbulb (if you’re under 40 you may have to look up that metaphor). There is no question that dad was right, days have seemingly dwindled into hours.

While time itself has sped up there’s an interesting reaction much to its opposite. I’ve talked before about those moments when you’ve done something so many times you can “see the stitches on the curveball.” Those moments when time almost slows down and you can react prior to the action actually happening. The older I get, the more experienced I become, the more that life situations seems to slow down and my reaction time improve drastically.

Maybe that’s what we mean by wisdom?

Regardless, today held many of both moments. Time flew by before my eyes while simultaneously slowing down as my reactions sped up. I wish there were more time, but I’m also seeing that I’m doing more with it than in the past. What a wild balancing act it is!


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