Day 1,892 – Thankful for Practice Leading to Confidence, Routine, & Hotel Deja Vu

Each step has led me to today. Practice completed hundreds of times preparing me for the next practice. Subtle changes, seemingly small improvements compounded over time. Much like running, each step of each practice run brings me closer to the marathon’s finish line, yet only the final steps stay in memory. Each before it leading to the final, the final becoming but another step for another race. Such is my practice today.

Confidence grown through practice. Bumps and bruises, praise and accolades. All responses leading to growth through additional practice, confidence grown through each lesson. Most importantly, confidence in remembering I will weather all storms in life save one, the one that kills me.

What are the odds I would end up in the same hotel room in which an important decision was made 18 months ago? The direction remains, but I have changed. Much practice in resilience, stoicism, thought, discipline, & control. Practice has led to confidence and trust in the path I’ve chosen. The opportunity to pause and think back to when I was last in this room, to see a snapshot of who I was, to be grateful for all that has led me to now. The storms make me stronger. Why avoid that which provides opportunity for growth?


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