Day 1,891 – Thankful for Having Been There Before and a Walk In the Sun

I’m pretty sure I’ve been thankful for a lunchtime walk in the sun with Becky before, but I still am grateful for those walks. With working largely out of my office those walks have dropped in frequency but that doesn’t mean they are any less appreciated. Time outside and under the sun, walking, and spending time with Becky. If heaven is full of our favorite pastimes I’ll certainly be doing that a lot once I’m gone.

For reals, is there much of a better feeling than spending time with someone you love doing something you both love? Pure awesomeness.

While I am not saying I am wise I can start to understand how wisdom comes with age. Throughout the work day there were more than a handful of times when I caught myself thinking, “wait a sec, I’ve been here before…”. I pause, remember that last experience, relate it to the current situation, and then quickly come to a better answer than in the last experience.

My mind was able to relate better with my teammates as I understand the struggles they faced – I had lived them before. I understood their frustration – I’d been frustrated by the same thing before. I talked myself off the ledge when thinking about an upcoming presentation- I’ve done this before.

So many of the answers needed today came back through past experience. Whether successful or a mistake in the past I was able to respond more correctly this time, I’d been there before.


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