Day 1,890 – Thankful for the Road, My Favorite Therapist

There are many times when I find the 90 minute drive to Eau Claire to be way too long. Other days it is the right length of time to knock out part of an intriguing audiobook. Once in a while it is therapeutic in a way only the road can heal. Today was a very therapeutic drive.

My drive this morning included a very chill background soundtrack, Lana Del Ray’s NFR. First time I’d ever listened to it and the music was exactly what my brain needed (not so much the lyrics though they were occasionally entertaining). The tunes were soothing and relaxed and provided just the right mental lubrication for my mind to work through a small handful of complexities in life. The beautiful scenery of the driftless passing by me on the highway added to the serenity. In those 90 minutes I knew all would work out exactly the way it was meant to.

I swear, time alone on the road can be the best therapist in the world. Everything just works itself out given enough miles.

On the way to Winona I took advantage of a little space in my schedule and turned off the main drive and quickly found myself on a one and a half lane road in the middle of nowhere. Skipping the maps I went with my sense of direction and did my best to keep the sun over my left shoulder. The scenery was astounding! Rock formations, bluffs, undulating hills, steep cliffs, and absolutely no other traffic. Amazing!

The rest of my day was fantastic in many ways. I’m thanking the road for putting me in the right mindset early this morning.


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