Day 1,874 – Thankful for the Exhaustion Which Only Follows a Fall Day Spent Largely Outside

Full disclosure, I’m exhausted, horizontal, and will be sleeping within five minutes of finishing this post. I’m tired in a fantastic way which is only felt after spending much time outside in the late fall.

Dominic and I assembled a tree stand while Gavin helped his grandpa fix a U joint on a four wheeler. We all went out and set up a few tree stands which included stacking some firewood, clearing some brush, and other activity along those lines. We moved and reset another stand and put up another. Gavin got some rifle practice in while Dominic helped his grandpa with a couple of other things. By the time it slaws all said and done the majority of the day was spent outside in the fresh air.

Now I’m feeling the impact of all that fresh air. This type of tired is a beautiful thing, it means I’ve done the day right!


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