Day 1,836 – Thankful for Writing as a Time Capsule for Future Growth

While waiting for Gavin and a couple of his classmates at their Wednesday night church class I finished reading the most recent version of my manuscript from my editor. Two things really struck me. First off, Phyllis has managed to take a dumpster fire like of pages and turned it into a great story! She is a miracle worker and a half!

The second insight I drew was just how much the process of writing has impacted my personal growth in a positive way. The process itself has been a wonderful exercise in thinking and processing the events of the day. Behind that there’s another very special bonus. Each bit of writing becomes a sort of memory time capsule.

When I go back and read what I wrote so many memories come back. Each could have been so easily forgotten had they not been downloaded from my brain shortly after they happened. With the benefit of more life experience I’m able to dissect the memory further and glean even more information from it. I learn from it in the moment, I learn from it when writing, and I learn from it when I read what I wrote. Four times the lessons from each experience!

Tonight a handful of specific memories really helped me out some difficult decisions into context and were the source of inspiration on how to solve them.

Yet another reason to be thankful for the practice of writing each day!


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