Day 1,835 – Thankful for Remembering I Have a Choice and Making the Right One

“How do you decompress each night with everything on your plate?”

Over the past twelve hours or so I’ve been asked this question, or on like it, at least a few times. The answer is shockingly simple – remembering I have a choice.

I cannot control all of the circumstances and events impacting my life. The amount I can truly control is so infinitesimal that it could almost be depressing without the right mindset. That said, regardless of anything life can throw at me, there is one thing that is 100% under my control… my choice of how I will respond.

At one point this morning I was particularly frustrated for a variety of reasons. After about fifteen minutes of stewing I paused and said something out loud in my car to myself.

“I could very easily die today. This could be my last day on Earth. Is this the attitude I would want to have for my last day?”

Hmm…. Hell no! I would want my last day to be one in which I lived my values into my purpose with a heart full of joy.

And with that choice I change my mindset and it made all the difference in the world all day long. Each crazy new situation was an opportunity to learn, to live my values, to live towards my purpose, to help others. Yes, it was still ridiculous, stressful, and chaotic – but the attitude I chose helped me thrive throughout it. Today and all it threw at me made me stronger. I am incredibly thankful for that!


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