Day 1,834 – Thankful for Hitting Knuckleballs with Yoga, Yahtzee, and Family

Sometimes life provides a curveball or two. Today life threw a few knuckleballs. At least you know the general idea of where a curveball is going. Not even the pitcher himself knows where on God’s green Earth the ball is going when he throws a knuckler. The pitches today were straight out of some crazy chaos dimension.

Thankfully Becky already had half the cure on tap as is last night. After supper we hit Root Down for one of the most soul relaxing yoga sessions I’ve had in a very long time. The focus on breathing, stretching, and sweating helped me see the stitches on the knuckleballs.

When I got home Dominic gave me the birthday present he and Gavin made me, a rock holder made out of rocks! They made it the perfect size to hold one of Dad’s favorite rocks – very awesome and greatly appreciated!

After that Dominic and I fired up a game of Yahtzee. He proceeded to get THREE Yahtzee’s in the game and more than doubled my score. We had a blast! To wrap up some quality time we fired up Rick and Morty and had some great laughs together.

Life is never perfectly scripted, but it works out exactly the way it is supposed to. It is up to us to keep level heads and focus on hitting any knuckleballs thrown our way. I crushed mine tonight thanks to yoga, Yahtzee, and time with my family.


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