Day 1,837 – Thankful for a Forest of Gratitude

The path to tonight’s blog is a twisty path with many divergent game trails. I’m sure they all will ultimately run in approximately the same direction, but the destinations are all slightly different. Which path to choose? Which one feels more right than the others?

In many ways the opportunity to hike the above trail system tonight is the end in of itself. My day has been marked by many events, interactions, lessons, experiences, conversations, and memories for which I am grateful. To be sure, they weren’t all positive on the surface. They were a mix ranging from frustrating to dream creating to anger inciting to pulse raising to joyful and inspiring. A broad spectrum – all with one commonality. If I chose to view them properly they all lead to growth. Each experience was an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to close the gap.

As I lay in bed reflecting on the day I can’t help but realize that is what I’m most thankful for. Each gratitude has been but a piece in the bigger picture of what has moved me the most today. Put those pieces together and I’m firmly ensconced in a sacred forest of gratitude. My soul is full today as a result of both the opportunities to be thankful as well as actively choosing gratitude as my default mindset and proactively seeking it out throughout my day. My search created the forest surrounding me.

What a beautiful choice there is to make each day. Will I actively choose a mindset of gratitude? When I say yes my blessings grow tremendously and I live more into my best true self.


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